Thursday, May 13, 2010

Signature Looks

I am a sucker for a signature look. There is something so put together and classy about a woman who nails the same look over and over. I have always been envious of those ladies who have a signature fragrance, but I am too much of a beauty flake to commit to anything long term.

The following lovely ladies have nailed their look time and time again and never seem to stray far from what works. So as a tribute to their dedication, I present to you the Champions of the smoky eye, the wild child, the classic beauty, and the natural girl next door.

Classic Beauty: Anne Hathaway

The girl is beautiful. Classy, but still young and fresh, she wins the Classic Beauty title by far. She knows her best features are her eyes and lips and plays them up to her advantage. Never OTT, never underdone, always polished.

Smokey Eyes: Rachel Bilson

I like my smokey eyes subtle. There is nothing worse than a smokey eye that makes one look like a whore. Rach always does it well, defining and making her eyes pop but keeping it pared down. She often does a smokey eye with colour which I love. Rachel can pull off anything though, in my opinion she doesn't need a stitch of makeup to look beautiful.

Natural girl next door: Jennifer Aniston

Ok haters, back off. Anyone who knows me knows I love a bit of Aniston action. She is clean, pretty, fresh, natural, funny, sweet and down to earth. I don't care what anyone says, Angelina is a weirdo. Anyway, her makeup is always gorgeous and never contrived and she always looks like herself. I like that and I like her.

Wild Child: Katy Perry, Taylor Momsen, Scarlett Johansson

I couldn't pick one. Sometimes makeup is about taking risks and changing it up. But you need the confidence to pull it off, and these three are certainly not lacking in that.


  1. Anne Hathaway is beautiful. I especially love her makeup in The Devil Wears Prada, when she's in Paris. Gorgeous.

  2. What's your take on Jordan's signature loook?

  3. I think Jordan needs a little assitance. She needs to ditch the porn blend. She is quite a pretty girl naturally!



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